OsMonitor has two versions: Full Version and Basic Version, Basic version does not have some functions of the full version.

FunctionsBasic VersionFull Version
Websites filter, block USB, game, chat, media playerYesYes
Log website visits, log blocked programs and windowsYesYes
Log network card flow, bandwidth monitor and controlYesYes
Log applications, graphically analyze employees’ workYesYes
Record employees’ screenshot / clipboardNoYes
Record employees’ cameraNoYes
Only special Flash drives can be usedNoYes
Log AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN/Skype/QQ conversationNoYes
Log emails via Outlook Express or OutlookNoYes
Remote desktopNoYes
Backup files, log files and documents operationNoYes


Basic Version:

Number of computers to monitorTotal Price 2Checkout  LinkPayPal Link
5 computers license$992CheckoutPayPal
10 computers license$1802CheckoutPayPal
20 computers license$2552CheckoutPayPal
30 computers license$3302CheckoutPayPal
50 computers license$4402CheckoutPayPal
100 computers license$5602CheckoutPayPal
200 computers license$9902CheckoutPayPal


Full Version:

Number of computers to monitorTotal Price2Checkout LinkPayPal Link
5 computers license$1982CheckoutPayPal
10 computers license$3452CheckoutPayPal
20 computers license$5102CheckoutPayPal
30 computers license$6682CheckoutPayPal
50 computers license$8852CheckoutPayPal
100 computers license$11252CheckoutPayPal
200 computers license$18002CheckoutPayPal
500 computers license$36002CheckoutPayPal
1000 computers license$54002CheckoutPayPal

Optional Service:

NamePrice [USD]2Checkout LinkPayPal Link
OsMonitor tool for SQL Server$3992CheckoutPayPal

If you don’t use OsMonitor tool for SQL Server, OsMonitor server will still work with Access database (the Windows default). If you have a large number of PCs to monitor (more than 100), or you want the storage of data to be more stable and long-lasting, we recommend you to purchase the tool, as it will make OsMonitor run more stable. If you don’t purchase this, you need to delete and back up your database regularly in order to control its size.

If you need to buy OsMonitor through wire transfer, please click “2Checkout Order” and select “wire transfer” in “method of payment”, then click “Next”, and you will get the bank details. If you need, you can press the button to generate a proforma invoice.

If you have any questions during the order process, please call
2Checkout: +1 (650) 963-5701       +31 88 000 0008
Email: [email protected]

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
OsMonitor has a high standard of quality. We suggest you download the trial version first and see if the software meets your needs. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with OsMonitor within 30 days after purchase, we will be glad to return your money as we make sure that you have uninstalled OsMonitor.

One time charge and no annual fee! OsMonitor license is permanent and never expires. You don’t need to renew the license. Get the free update and technical support forever!

OsMonitor Monitoring Software Order Process
Step 1: Select your version – Compare the functions of the Basic and Full version, kindly select which one you need.

Step 2: License – The price includes one server for a manager and the license number is up to the monitored PC number (If you order 5 computers license, you can monitor 5 computers at most. If you order 50 computers license, you can monitor 50 computers at most).

Step 3: Method of payment – Click the order link of the payment you prefer.

Step 4: Get the product – After your payment, you will receive the registration tool of the product by email.

Step 5: Invoice – We could provide an invoice to you, if you need, just contact us.