OsMonitor includes many powerful functions all in one.Besides its comprehensive employee monitoring function, there are some other fantastic functions:

  1. Backup documents that are from employee computers and store them on server automatically
  2. Unlike software that simply monitors pc activities, OsMonitor can also block undesirable actions such as specific websites, games, external USB drives and USB port connections.
  3. Provide a work efficiency monitoring report, you will figure out how much time each employee spends on which website, game or software, and how much time is spent on working.

OsMonitor is a simple and intuitive software which does not have any requirement on special hardware or other extra software. Anyone can learn how to use it in 5 minutes!

OsMonitor has a tiny file size which we believe is the smallest among all of the same products. It has been 8 years since OsMonitor is first developed and now it is running stable on over 200000 computers throughout the world.

OsMonitor has a competitive price. It only requires a one-time purchase without any extra annual fee. The license is permanent and never expires. You don’t need to renew the license. You can enjoy free updates forever.

OsMonitor is a very safe software as it never records passwords or keylogger. All information of monitoring is sent to your server without approach with cloud or the internet, so you don’t need to worry about any leak of information.